Bubur Ketan Hitam

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ketan hitam

Puuh, 20 years since I last had this? And I wondered why I did waited so long.

The Ketan hitam, Bubur Pulut Hitam or black sticky (glutinous) rice porridge is a favourite sweet in Southeast asia. Variations comes depending on the country that makes this dessert, be it from Thailand, Malaysia or Vietnam. Adding banana or longans is possible, but I prefer is the pure malaysian way.  The black rice when cooked will turn purplish. It is sticky, starchy and absolutely high in fibre and has a distinct nutty taste.

Chris is a blogger, webdesigner and mountain enthuasiast, originating from the land of the assam laksa, now home based in Germany. She loves to dish out on authentic cooking which challenges her to revive all asian tastebuds that has gone dry.

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