Egg tarts

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Egg custard tart

Love Dim sum? If you do, you can’t miss egg tarts as desserts either. The trolleys of the (mostly cantonese) ladies are usually not only laden with the dim sum goodies, but with lovely yellow egg tarts that melt and crumble in your mouth. At the same time, you can also serve them as a snack during the Lunar New Year.

This is an easy to make recipe. The hardest part was finding the correct mould for this sweet! It should be 8-10 cm in diameter and about 3-4 cm high. My desperate solution was using muffin silica moulds and i thought the results came out well. They were soft, easy to mould out the dough and very heat resistant. Well, these tin moulds were on my shopping list on my next trip to asia.

Update 2016:
I’ve finally found those moulds on my last trip to Singapore, and have been making these tarts in there ever since. At the same time, there was another method of getting those sticky, very fast to melt dough into the mould without creating a big mess in the kitchen. Check it out.

Egg custard tart Egg custard tart

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