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Self made Hoisin Sauce

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self made hoisin sauce

This could be familiar: You are in the kitchen and the recipe says 3 tbsp of Hoisin sauce… and …it’s not anywhere in the cupboards to be found! Skipping it would mean leaveing out a dominant taste in your dish. Rushing out to the markets last minute could also well mean, your time table is all going to be messed up. Well, how about making it yourself? Here’s an easy way to replace the Hoisin sauces you can buy at the supermarkets. And if it’s so good, you may even decided to never buy Hoisin sauce again ;-)

Hoisin sauce is normaly used as a favourite BBQ sauce in the chinese cuisine for chicken, pork or beef. If you want to make those lovely red BBQ pork strips, just add a few “red seeds (ang khak)” to the recipe, and the meat will turn naturally red. Sieve the mixture after allowing it to absorb the colour.

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