Kentang pedas

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kentang pedas, spicy potatoes

Everytime it rains, I get homesick. I don’t know why but then I miss suddenly the humid heat and food, and everything else that comes along with it. My grandma used to make this dish when I was still living with her. Kentang pedas (indonesian) is also known as spicy potatoes. Potatoes used to be a rare thing at that time. You’d usually find them in soups, curries etc, but seldom as a dish alone.  There was one dish which she made that I still remember today. The very first time it was dished up in Indonesia. We brought the recipe home and she would make this for me for lunch right after my classes. What a shame that I never asked her for the recipe, but I know till today still how it tasted, and so this is it. Enjoy!

Chris is a blogger, webdesigner and mountain enthuasiast, originating from the land of the assam laksa, now home based in Germany. She loves to dish out on authentic cooking which challenges her to revive all asian tastebuds that has gone dry.

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