Bubur Ketan Hitam

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Puuh, 20 years since I last had this? And I wondered why I did waited so long.

Baby Squid cooked in its own ink

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Baby Squid cooked in its own ink – these are netted squid – I don’t think they grow any bigger than this, so don’t feel like you’ve killed off an entire generation…they multiple quickly 🙂

Fried Kangkung with belacan

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As far as my taste bud memories can go, I had probably the best fried Kangkung in Bangkok. The food stall was opened only at night, and they were busy until the wee hours of the morning. How lucky I … Read More

Banana cake (bread)

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I have been making Banana cake for quite some time now, but there were still space for some improvement. Then one day, I tried out a new method and recipe which opened a whole new idea of making this cake turn … Read More

Salted Egg Prawns

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A delicious,  creamy chinese recipe cooked with those sinful salted egg yolks.  These salted eggs are usually made by soaking duck eggs (chicken eggs too) in brine or packing each egg in a special charcoal mixture. They are usally then … Read More

Ikan bakar colo colo

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  The Ikan Bakar Colo Colo is a popular dish made usually in Sulawesi and Maluku, using the colo colo dip. The fish is usually wrapped up in a banana leaf and grilled or “baked in the oven” The pungent … Read More

Pong’s Katong Laksa

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  I must say, I am very fortunate to have friends who care about what I eat and I am a very proud owner of the remaining gramms of PONG’s Laksa paste. Laksa has been a favourite all my life … Read More

Lemongrass pork skewers

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Thai food always conjures up exotic images and it is an assault of the senses with the extreme heat from the bird eye chilli, the sour lemons, green mangoes, silky coconut milk etc, all woven skillfully together…

Ngohiong – Five spice powder

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  The five spice powder, also known as Ngohiong or wu xiang fen is widely used in many dishes in the chinese, filipino dishes. Have you ever wondered what it is made of? You could even make this yourself if … Read More

Stewed pork with preserved mustard leaves-Mui choy kau yuk 梅菜扣肉)

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This is one of my favourite Hakka dish. I cooked enough to keep for at least 2 to 3 days as it goes well with rice or porridge. The original recipe seems a little complicated, thus have come out with … Read More

Ikan bakar – grilled fish in banana leaves

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Ikan bakar means grilled fish in malay. It’s a favourite dish in malaysia or indonesia and you will find many stalls selling their ikan bakar. The secret to making a really good ikan bakar is the making of the chilly … Read More

Apple bread

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This apple bread (Apfel brot) is delicious and easy to make at any season, You don’t have to wait till Christmas to make this.  The whole family, young and old will definately enjoy it. Add more nuts if you’re an … Read More

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