sambal terong / eggplant

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  My favourite! Absolutely and no doubt about it. It was a food my grandma always made for me when I was a little kid and I loved the smell of kafir leaves in a mixture of chilly and garlic. … Read More

Cantonese Roast Duck

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The cantonese roast duck. This is the duck you see hanging on most of the food stalls. Flesh tender, outside crisp and with almost no fat once it comes out of the oven, a heavenly meal.

Aunty Margaret’s Rojak

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I must’ve been looking at this recipe for quite sometime now. Looking and droolin. Droolin coz there’s no where I can get all the ingredients like it should be, drooling coz I can’t just fly back now to order this … Read More

Chinese Dumplings 饺子 – Jiaozi

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This recipe is basically made for my older boy who is not a foody person. But eversince he took up a short cooking class during the summer break which taught them this dish, he fell in love with it. Am … Read More

Strawberry Shortcake

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It’s not the time of year to get strawberries straight from the field right now in Europe, but you still may still be able to get them from your local supermarkets. Strawberries are an all time favourite, lovely for the eyes … Read More

Fried Chicken (cooked in AirFryer)

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The latest kitchen gadget I have invested in is the Philips AirFryer.  It “frys” without the grease!! And it’s been wonderful to use it. I have saved my money on cooking oil and best of all it’s healthy eating for … Read More

Loh Mai Kai

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This is a Cantonese snack, usually available throughout the day. In Asia, this is also a common breakfast item or mid-day snack.  Loh Mai means glutinous rice in Cantonese and kai means chicken. One could also use lotus leave to … Read More

Char Siew – BBQ Pork

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  The first thing you might notice when you are in an asian city is the many food stalls hanging colourful red pieces of meat in their show case. These meats are called char siew, or  bbq pork. The meat … Read More

Tempeh goreng

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  It has not been a regular thing to eat tempeh at home, and I have been avoiding it for a veeeery long time. When my hubby asked me one day, why I never made tempeh, I ran to my … Read More

Siew Mai – Dim Sum for beginners

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Dim Sum is a favourite Cantonese “snack” of mine. They come in small portions like those Spanish tapas. You can never have enough of these Cantonese foodies as they come in small baskets of variety and in many flavours. There’s … Read More

Drunken chicken with dates

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Here’s something that’s quick and simple, and just a little differant. If you have very little time and you’re looking for a recipy to satisfy and yet is tasty, this is what you could try..

Sop Kambing (Mutton soup)

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Mutton soup is a very typical malay or indonesian dish. It must have been 20 years!? since I last had ths dish. No idea why I waited to so long until i decided to dish it out. But it was … Read More

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