Steam fish, thai style

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  This dish good be still warm right now. My hubby’s in the kitchen cleaning up the mess I did, but we’re both stuffed from the lovely dinner we just had. So while he’s still working out what we’re going … Read More

Nonya Bak Chang: Singapore-Style Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings

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Bak Chang, also known as glutinous rice dumplings is well known among the chinese and malays. It has various fillings which can be sweet or salty. Common fillings are e.g. mung beans, char siu, chinese sausage, pork belly, chicken, taro, … Read More

Es Cendol

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In the good old days, while waiting for the school bus to pick us up after school, the first thing we did was to run to the hawker stall right in front of the school gate, eager to get the … Read More

Vermicelli Soto and Bergerdil

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Inspired by a great stall in the Kovan area and tweaked for my hubby’s taste buds and intolerance to “fat yellow noodles”…

Mee Siam

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Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Mee Soto, Montong Soto, Bee Hoon Soto, Lontong, Gado Gado are all goodies that makes your mouth drool and watery. If I could place an order right now, I would. But let’s take a look at … Read More

kitchen utensils, spice and tools

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    Someone asked me today what would be the basic kitchen utensils or ingredients that you need to cook any asian food. Basically, you can either build up a semi professional kitchen and spend a lot of money, or … Read More

Otak otak

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In my opinion, the best invention mankind discovered in this world was the food processor! I love my food processor… can’t think of what I would do without it. Makes and grinds everything in a second and viola! What a … Read More

Duck Curry

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Duck Curry Ingredients   1.  2 packets of Thai red curry paste (I can provide the rempah recipe for the purist) 2.  1 duck (chopped)       3.  1 bunch of curry leaves 4.  5 large potatoes (diced)   … Read More

Nasi kunyit

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Nasi kunyit , also known as tumeric rice is simple to make, tasty and makes an great eye catcher if you need some colours to go with your food. It is usually a traditional malay dish served on weddings or … Read More

Fried Spring Rolls

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Thanks to Jac’s delicious recipe and description for fried spring rolls, this is a must make for a perfect hors d’oeuvre or Amuse-gueule!

Thai pandan chicken

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As the summer finally appears officially the season of grilling and outdoor cooking also starts. Instead of throwing chunks of meat on your grill, this is a good authentic alternative for those hot summer nights. This dish can be served … Read More

BoPho Beef noodle soup

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Inspired by my last order for Bohpoh Soup (it’s vietnemese) at the restaurant, I wanted to try this too at home. This recipe is easy to make and is mighty delicious. 

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