Singapore Chilli Crab

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This is the dish that is worth while to fly back to Singapore for. Probably the only reason, no? The singapore chilli crab originates from singapore and can be popularly found in any of the seafood restaurants around the East Coast area, or kopi tiams. Despite it’s name, this dish is not very spicy. If you’re having dinner out at a seafood restaurant, don’t miss out this order. They usually serve white bread to go with the dish, so that you can wipe ou the delicious gravy at the end. Otherwise, you may order a plate of Bee Hoon to go with it too. But who’s talking about ordering? We’re making some tonight! Anyone for seconds?

 Singapore Chilli Crab

Apart from living some of her dreams on a tight schedule, Chris blogs and designs. Originating from the land of the assam laksa, she is now home-based in southern Germany. Authentic asian cooking challenges her to bring fond foodie memories of home in her kitchen.

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