Hi there!


I’m Chris, home based in southern Germany since the last three decades. I am a full-time blogger with three very different topics. You have discovered one of them :-)
MasakSEDAP! is about our adventures while whipping up authentic, local asian favourites. There’s a Chinese, Malaysian and Indonesian background which plays a big role in my daily meals. You might even want to think it’s “Nyonya”. But then again, I am experimental and I know no boundaries, when craving is in the air. “Masak Sedap” is Malay and it means “cooking up something delicious”.
I travel often and love indulging in the traditional kitchen of each country I visit. Daring, experimental, adventurous, just like some of my outdoor experiences when I’m not cooking.
Getting all the ingredients together isn’t always easy, but we have an asian grocery shop that makes you not miss home. Durian, crabs, nangka, salted duck eggs, fresh kangkong, bittergourd, green papaya, etc. Herbs and spices are not anymore a question like it was many years back. Lucky me!


Regular contributors to this blog are Jacinta and Jacqueline from Singapore. Come join us and share our adventures in cooking and our foodie experiences.


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