Nonya Bak Chang: Singapore-Style Dragon Boat Festival Dumplings

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bak chang

Bak Chang, also known as glutinous rice dumplings is well known among the chinese and malays. It has various fillings which can be sweet or salty. Common fillings are e.g. mung beans, char siu, chinese sausage, pork belly, chicken, taro, etc. It is usually eaten during the Dragon Boat festival which falls on the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar. But you would also find changs sold here and there. They can be steamed or boiled and are wonderfull snacks for the inbetween hours or as a main dish.

bak chang

Jaqueline L.

Move to HK 3 years ago and become a full-time homemaker. Am a person who live to eat! Thus my passion to cook for my friends and family. Every meal is an adventure for me as it’s like a science experience – you may not know what your end result will be like until the finish. But the best moment when all is done and you see the smile on everyone’s face and the thumbs up for what I have accomplished.

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