Black Pepper Seafood Udon with pan-seared scallops

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Black pepper Seafood Udon with pan seared scallops

What would you actually understand under the terms of searing or pan searing your meat, fish or poultry? This technique using high heat seals in the juices of the meat so that it is browned outside, and juicy inside. So it was believed. These days, it has been proven that regardless of which way you cook your meat, it loses the same amount of water. However, pan searing your meat creates the desireable flavor you would love like when it comes from the grill, roasting or sautéing and makes the food more appealing than when it’s all cheesy white. Sometimes, you can help the browning by marinating your meat with a glaze , but be carefull when using high heat. Sugar / Honey burns far quicker than sautèing them naturally. And any liquid on your meat causes the hot oil to splash too!

Jacinta G.

An accidental cook who loves to feed her family well.