Chinese Dumplings 饺子 – Jiaozi

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chinese Dumplings

This recipe is basically made for my older boy who is not a foody person. But eversince he took up a short cooking class during the summer break which taught them this dish, he fell in love with it. Am glad he eats his meat and vegetables at the same time. This dish can be generally found in all places of China and Taiwan but I have modified it to suite our tastes buds. The dumpling goes well with shredded ginger and dark vinegar.


500 gm of minced pork
5 – 6 stalks of chopped chinese chives
3 tbsp of soya sauce
1 tbsp of chinese wine
1/2 tbsp of corn flour
1 tsp of sugar
dash of pepper
35 pc of dumpling skins (not the ones for wantons)
3 tbsp of oil (for frying the dumplings)


Marinate the meat with the ingredients above with some chives for a couple of hours. Each dumpling skin can fill about half a tablespoon of meat. Steam for 5 mins. Leave it to cool. Warm up a pan with the oil and place the dumplings on it to brown the bottom only. If you want them crispier, add alittle more oil.

Once they are done, serve them with shredded ginger and vinegar.