Chinese Dumplings 饺子 – Jiaozi

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chinese Dumplings

This recipe is basically made for my older boy who is not a foody person. But eversince he took up a short cooking class during the summer break which taught them this dish, he fell in love with it. Am glad he eats his meat and vegetables at the same time. This dish can be generally found in all places of China and Taiwan but I have modified it to suite our tastes buds. The dumpling goes well with shredded ginger and dark vinegar.

Jaqueline L.

Move to HK 3 years ago and become a full-time homemaker. Am a person who live to eat! Thus my passion to cook for my friends and family. Every meal is an adventure for me as it’s like a science experience – you may not know what your end result will be like until the finish. But the best moment when all is done and you see the smile on everyone’s face and the thumbs up for what I have accomplished.

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