Egg tarts

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egg tarts

Love Dim sum? If you do, you can’t miss egg tarts as desserts either. The trollies of the ladies are usually not only laden with the dim sum goodies, but with lovely yellow egg tarts that melt and crumble in your mouth.

This is an easy to make recipe. The hardest part was finding the correct mould for this sweet! It should be 8-10cm in diameter and about 3-4cm high. My desperate solution was using muffin silika moulds and i thought the results came out well. They were soft, easy to mould out the dough and very heat resistant. Well definately, these tin moulds are on my shopping list on my next trip to asia.

Originating from the land of the assam laksa, she is home-based in southern Germany. Authentic asian cooking challenges her to bring fond foodie memories of home in her kitchen.