Fried Chicken (cooked in AirFryer)

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fried Chicken

The latest kitchen gadget I have invested in is the Philips AirFryer.  It “frys” without the grease!! And it’s been wonderful to use it. I have saved my money on cooking oil and best of all it’s healthy eating for the family.  Not sure if this is available all over the world yet but for those who can get their hands on one…do so! If you love fried foods, it’s a good investment.  Think about the french fries without all those grease!!!

Here’s a simple fried chicken recipe :

Jaqueline L.

Move to HK 3 years ago and become a full-time homemaker. Am a person who live to eat! Thus my passion to cook for my friends and family. Every meal is an adventure for me as it’s like a science experience – you may not know what your end result will be like until the finish. But the best moment when all is done and you see the smile on everyone’s face and the thumbs up for what I have accomplished.

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