Kaya – Pandan coconut jam

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kaya - coconut pandan jam
kaya – coconut pandan jam

Kaya is a favourite Asian coconut spread. It tastes best on the soft white bread (yeah, the one which everyone says that it’s unhealthy) or on toasts. It consists of basic ingredients which we all have at home. Eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and screwpine leaves (pandan). Screwpine leaves are available in the Asian grocery stores in the bigger cities of Germany. I usually buy a bundle and freeze them up, so that I can use them whenever I need them. The secret behind the success is pointed at two tiny things. How often you stir  and how you cook it. For me, the double boil has never failed for me.

My Kaya is sweet. With a plain white bread, the sweetness for me is just right. If you like it less sweet, just take 20-30g of sugar away.

kaya - coconut pandan jam
The double boil method
kaya - coconut pandan jam
The perfect breakfast or snack to put you in seventh heaven

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