Kuih Bingka Ambon or Honeycomb Ambon Cake

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Kuih Ambon

When my Mum brought back some Kuih Bingka Ambon from Singapore, I was ready for more after finishing off the first batch and there’s no place insight to get them here, where I live.  Kuih Ambon is also known as  the Honeycomb Ambon cake as it’s texture resembles that of a honeycomb. The cake originates from Medan, North of Sumatra.

I didn’t exactly feel that it was going to be very difficult to make this cake and decided to give it a try. The recipe is adapted from Tina’s Kitchen I loved her idea of using just egg yolks to make the colour much more yellow and intensive.

kuih Ambon
The making of Kuih Ambon
pandan juice
Making pandan juice (You can use the blender too instead)

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