Mee Siam

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Mee Rebus, Mee Siam, Mee Soto, Montong Soto, Bee Hoon Soto, Lontong, Gado Gado are all goodies that makes your mouth drool and watery. If I could place an order right now, I would. But let’s take a look at Mee Siam first, for starters.

If you mention Mee Siam, I’d think back on the good old days when we used to have the home economics classes in school. This was actually one of the recipes that was on the list to make. And my gosh, I think it must have been the hardest dishes to make due to it’s variaty of ingredients. Making the gravy to go with the dish is a challenge but has a surprise once you’re done with it. Every ingredient which stands on your kitchen table will be used, all heads, tails and shells. Don’t even think of throwing anything away. Finishing off the dish in 10 minutes, after hours of hard work? Yes, it’s definately worth the time.

You might think this dish has to come originally from Thailand? Wrong. It’s actually a popoular Nonya speciality in Malaysia and Singapore. There are also dry variations where you fry the noodles, but we would like to see here an original recipe, thanks to Jacq. Have fun!


Bee Hoon
1/4 cup oil
30 gm dried prawns, finely pounded
1 cup of sambal tumis

2 tsp salt (to taste)
3 tsp sugar (to taste)
2 cups of water

1 packet of bee hoon, soaked and drained
Bean sprouts, washed and drained (optional)


A – ​Heat oil, fry dried prawns on low heat till fragrant. Add sambal tumis. Mix well, set aside half of the fried mixture to make gravy.

B – ​Add to A.  Bring to boil.

C – ​Add bee hoon and top with bean sprouts. Cook till gravy is almost absorbed but do not stir too often. Mix bee hoon and bean sprouts evenly with chopsticks. Reduce heat and fry slowly till bee hoon is dry and fluffy. Remove to cool.


2 ltr of water
1 ltr of prawn stock (boil 1 kg of prawns in hot boiling water, remove prawns for garnishing)
Fried mixture from A
3 tbsp of taucheo paste (fermented sweet bean paste)
4 tbsp sugar
1 big onions, thinly sliced
125 gm tamarind paste, soaked in 1 cup of water, squeezed and strained
4 tbsp peanut butter
Salt to taste

Boil ingredients for 20 minutes, Simmer another 15 minutes. Season according to taste.

Cooked prawns
Hard boiled eggs, sliced
Tau Kwa (firm beancurd), fried and sliced
Chives, chopped
Small green limes, halved