Pong’s Katong Laksa

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pongs katong laksa

I must say, I am very fortunate to have friends who care about what I eat and I am a very proud owner of the remaining gramms of PONG’s Laksa paste. Laksa has been a favourite all my life and despite thousands of recipes that I have tried, this laksa paste was the best I’ve had in years. Authentic, pungent and spicy and easy to make. It puts you back shortly to Singapore!There are many kinds of laksa available on the market. Penang is famous for it’s Penang Laksa and the secret lays with the bunga kantan (ginger flower / torch ginger) they use.

Laksa comes from the sanskrit language meaning ” 1000 ingredients ” and the best places to get the best laksa in town is at a hawker stall in Singapore or Penang. There’s still no laksa stall in Germany… but you can still get the paste and make this right at home.


Originating from the land of the assam laksa, she is home-based in southern Germany. Authentic asian cooking challenges her to bring fond foodie memories of home in her kitchen.

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