Semur daging with a twist

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semur daging Many of you know back home should know this dish – Semur. It’s a favourite for the young and old as it’s a little sweet, yet salty and is all spiced with spices from the spice islands. Lovely! The easiest method is to derive the dish from all the spices, and the other alternative is to make the dish so rich with all the differant spices in it you wouldn’t know what was in it. This indonesian stew has seen many variations, depending on the region where it is made. You can use beef, beef tongue, and even mutton, chicken or fish and quite popularly in Jakarta with the Betawi people, potatoes and eggs are added to the dish too.

Whatever variation you choose to make, the traditional Semur is always done with beef, smoothered for an hour till soft, giving you a kick with all the differant spices in it. Enjoy it with hot steamy rice and a sambal if you like it more spicy.


Originating from the land of the assam laksa, she is home-based in southern Germany. Authentic asian cooking challenges her to bring fond foodie memories of home in her kitchen.