Thai Papaya salad

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thai papaya salad

Just a couple of months ago, I discovered a refreshing way of making those asian salads. Instead of using salad cream, or those balsamico recipes, try this for a change. Fish sauce may sound really strange for the salad, but the amount you dash it in makes the difference. You may variate the ingredients with green beans, apple, cooked cabage, etc. And it goes perfectly well with any non-dominant  meaty dishes and steamed white rice.


2 cloves garlic
1-3 red chilli padi (depending on how good you take spicy foods)
200g fresh ripe papaya (emphasizing on ripe!)
1 Tomato
2-5 lettuce leaves
1/2 cucumber (sliced)
2 Tbl. Sp Fish sauce
2-3 Tbl Sp. sugar / brown sugar or Palm sugar
1 Lime (= 2 Tbl.sp Lime juice)
1/2 red shallots (sliced)
5 twigs coriander leaves

The riper the papaya is, the tastier it is. It’s ripe once the flesh is slightly soft (but not smashed!) and redish in colour. I guess this isn’t a problem in asia, but in the european countries, ripe fruits are a rare sight! Cut the papaya in half, spoon out the black seeds, then spoon out the flesh into a big salad bowl. Cut the tomatoes in little wedges, ripp the lettuce leaves and add the cucumber all in the bowl.

Press the garlic through the garlic presser or pound it with your motar finely.  Add sugar, Fish sauce and the lime juice. Slice the cillies finely and add.  Mix thoroughly and then serve. If you’ve decided on the spicey variation (with 3 chillies) make sure you’re not drinking a cold beer to this salad as this enhances the hotness of the chilly!

Yum! I could make this for breakfast already!;-)