Vermicelli Soto and Bergerdil

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vermicilli soto

Inspired by a great stall in the Kovan area and tweaked for my hubby’s taste buds and intolerance to “fat yellow noodles”…

Ingredients for the Soto

1.  1 whole chicken and 1 extra skinless chicken breast

2.  8 cups of water

3.  2 tbsp coriander seeds

4.  1.5 tsp cumin seeds

5.  1.5 tsp fennel seeds

6.  2 stalks lemon grass, sliced

7.  6 candlenuts

8.  12 shallots (or 2 big onions if shallots are not available)

9.  1 tsp black peppercorns10. salt to taste (MSG is optional)
1 packet of vermicelli – soaked in cold water until soft

Bean sprouts (if available)Hard boil eggs (halved)

Fried shallots and chinese parsley to garnish


1. Grind 2 to 8 into a paste – fry until fragrant.

2. Add in the chicken and toss it around until chicken is adequately coated, then add water

3. Bring to the boil and before removing the chicken (to be shredded later), pierce chicken breast and thighs with fork to ensure that the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

4. Remove chicken and continue simmering soup on low heat.

5. Bring water to boil in a large pan then add in the pre-soaked vermicelli and bring to boil, then remove the vermicelli. After removing the vermicelli, you can blanch the bean sprouts with the same water, or if you prefer the sprouts well cooked, boil the sprouts in the water.


5 large potatoes (I find russet potatoes better for this)

1/2 large onion (finely chopped)

1 eggcornflourlight soy sauce to tastevegetable oil


1.  Dice the potatoes and boil till soft, then mash.

2. Add onion to the mash then mix the egg in to keep the mixture together.

3. Shape the mixture then coat with cornflour.

4. Pat off excess cornflour before deep frying in oil.

5. Fry till golden brown then drain excess oil on paper towel.Put the vermicelli in a bowl, add the  bean sprouts, hard boil eggs, shredded chicken and bergerdil.  Pour the soup over it and add the garnish then serve.